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2015 Dive Resolutions


Why have regular New Year’s resolutions when you can have dive resolutions?  Here are three dive resolution recommendations and how to fulfill them in 2015:


1.      Practice Responsible Dive Practices

Don’t be “that guy” kicking the coral on your next tropical trip because you haven’t figured out the ups and downs of buoyancy (pun intended).  Take the Advanced Open Water class and a Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty class so you can propel yourself through the waters like a pro!


2.      Update Your Old Gear

Don’t you want nice, new shiny gear?  The beginning of the year is a great time to pack away your old stuff and upgrade to the most up-to-date dive gear.  No one watches black and white TVs anymore.  It's time to replace your old monochrome dive computer with one that has a color screen. Color-screen computers are the new fad, so it's time to upgrade to the Cobalt or Liquivision computer.


3.      Dive Travel More


As a scuba diver, the best gift you can give yourself in the New Year is a warm water dive trip.  Make it a point to hit one new dive destination in 2015, and treat yourself to a tropical trip.  Eco runs group trips a few times a year, which is a great way to explore new underwater realms while getting to know your cool fellow Eco divers! 

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Posting: 12-30-2014
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Two Extra Special Guests at Scuba Shindig TONITE at 7pm!!
Join us this Tuesday night
for our monthly party for divers.

Speaker #1 ScubaFit: Gretchen M. Ashton, CFT, SFT, SFN, NBFE , is registered with the National Board of Fitness Examiners, is an International Sports Sciences Association Elite Trainer; personal trainer, specialist in fitness therapy, specialist in fitness nutrition, and a world champion athlete. Gretchen is founder of ScubaFit LLC, developed the Comprehensive FitDiver ® program, is an advanced scuba diver, nitrox diver, and co-author of the ScubaFit ®  Diver Course. She is an Expert Speaker for Los Angeles County Scuba Advanced Diver Program and Underwater Instructor Certification Course. Gretchen is Fitness Editor and/or contributor for California Diver Magazine, World's Best Dives, DiverWire, X-Ray Mag, and Scuba Sport Magazine, has been published in Alert Diver United States and Asia-Pacific, at, is an author at ScubaBoard, and a Scuba Fitness Examiner at Gretchen has appeared on Scuba Radio, Dive Zone Radio, presented at Scuba Shows, has been a guest at dive medicine conferences, was featured in the President's Council of Physical Fitness and Sports newsletter for inspiring and innovative accomplishments in fitness, and in the Margaritaville Key West website culinary column. As an athlete she set 21 World and Americans records and is the second woman inducted into the AAU Power Lifting Hall of Fame.

Speaker #2 Claudette of ReefCheck Reef Check California aims to build a network of informed and involved citizens who support the sustainable use and conservation of our nearshore marine resources. To accomplish this, volunteers are trained to carry out surveys of nearshore reefs providing data on the status of key indicator species. All of Reef Check California's data is publicly available through our Nearshore Ecosystem Database (NED), where you can explore the data graphically to learn about the status of your local dive spots.  The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CA DFW) also uses this data for assessment of California's coastal network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).  Come learn more about getting involved in the program and meet one of our citizen scientists




Halloween might have just ended, but spooky never has to end.
Here are 3 spooky dives in southern California:

1)      Yukon

As you descend down the anchor line, eagerly waiting for the Yukon to appear, you hit the thermocline at 50ft, but still no Yukon. You strain your eyes and suddenly at 60ft a shadow appears. At 65ft you realize you've hit the top of the wreck, but it is only at 75ft below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, at the two cannons that still invoke fear, that you realize that you are diving a 366 foot Canadian Destroyer convoy vessel.

2)      Oil Rigs

"A live boat...what is that? It couldn't be worse than a dead boat could it? I guess I should have paid more attention to the dive briefing". As the thoughts run through your head, the boat pulls up to a massive metal structure in the middle of the channel and divers are jumping into the waters under this giant steel monster and disappearing into the abyss in quick succession. Underwater every square inch of the huge metal pilons are eaten alive by anemones. Large schools of baitfish dance in unison around the structure only to be picked off one by one by sealions and cormorants.

3)      Night dive at Veteran's Park

"I've dived Vets many times before. Mostly sand and some life, not a dive I would particularly remember. A night dive? Sure, why not." Walking down the stairs, you can see the eerie glow of dive lights underwater that are barely breaking through the darkness. As you descend into the darkness, you can clearly see what is in front of you that is illuminated by your dive light. What lurks in the pitch black darkness beyond remains a mystery.                           by Tim Yeo 




Warmer than usual temperatures to continue?  

Some reports have claimed that water temperatures along the Californian coast have been 7 degrees Fahrenheit higher than normal. Scuba divers don't know the exact number, but if you have been in the water recently, you have been amazed by how comfortable the water still is. My drysuit typically comes out of late-Fall storage in late December but it is still too nice and warm out. Just a few more dives in my shorty.  

The warm waters have brought a wealth of amazing sightings, pictures and videos. Uncommon sightings of turtles are almost commonplace now at Casino Point. Typically rare sightings of hammerhead sharks are not so rare any more with multiple sightings in Cortez Banks and San Diego. There is even videographic evidence of manta rays and whale sharks off Catalina.

Will these warm summer waters continue to bring tropical life sightings in November? There is only one way to find out. Click here, sign up for a dive boat, grab your wetsuit and you might be the next diver to witness a amazing sighting.      by Tim Yeo  

Sexy New Additions to Our Inventory here at Eco Dive Center 


Citizen Dive Watches -
 We are now an official Citizen watch dealer. Citizen is a Japanese watch company founded in 1930, building elegant watches that can accompany you diving in 130 feet of water or catching Götterdämmerung at the Met. We will be offering several watches from their diver's series, all of which use Citzen's Eco-Drive technology. A light-powered watch means no routine battery swaps and more importantly, no compromised depth ratings. These watches are built to last too, so you don't need to baby them when you're banging around the dive boat in rough water. If you need a bit of time keeping and dive planning equipment that goes with your wetsuit and your Armani suit, this is it. 





Gerber Multi-tools, Kits and Knives 

There are some divers that are obsessed with building the perfect load-out. They want to carry the best gear that will get them through any situation, to be as ready as humanly possible without compromising mobility and efficiency. Gerber's Multitools make gorgeous additions to anyone's dive kit, and will give you the confidence that you are prepared for a wide range of dive emergencies.

Scuba Meets Gundam with the Exosuit

A group of deep sea adventurers and archeologists recently made the news for their underwater discovery of the Antikythera Mechanism, which is believed to be the earliest analog computer in human history.The Antikythera shipwreck was discovered over 100 years ago, but at 230 feet beneath the surface, it's not easy to visit. Open circuit scuba divers could reach the wreck but could only stay for minutes at a time. Rebreather divers would require hours upon hours of decompression to resurface safely. So how is a deep water archeologist to dive long enough to conduct a serious archeological survey of the wreck? An exosuit, of course.

The exosuit is rated to 1000 feet, making many previously untouchable shipwrecks available to researchers and treasure hunters. The suit is an atmospheric exosuit, meaning that the pressure within is the same as surface pressure. This removes any complications related to decompression or DCI, so the exosuit pilot can work comfortably at 500 feet and come back up without any lengthy deco stops. Described as a "wearable submarine" by developers Nuytco, the body is outfitted with 1.6 horsepower thrusters that help it move through the water. The pilot can move his arms and legs and operates claws and hooks on the outside. Unlike submersibles that have crane-game-like controls, these suits make maneuvering around delicate environments much more natural.

The introduction of high tech exosuits marks a new age in archaeological diving, unlocking new depths to human exploration. Unfortunately, we're not likely to see this kind of equipment in recreational diving for a long while. You may just have to hold off your treasure hunting dreams of buying an exosuit and digging up ancient Roman artifacts. Still, it's exciting to see that there is still so much to discover under the sea, and the gear that is sitting in our closets give us the chance to scrape the edges of our deepest frontiers.                                                     by Jarret Leong 


The New Oceanic A300 CS OLED

Damn, some wrist top dive computers are pretty cute, but this thing is sexy. Like, wear it to the club and bling-out with the chrome bezel sexy. Seducing potential lovers aside, this is one capable computer with a full color screen and a great suite of powerful features. The A300 is equipped with bluetooth and an accelerometer, which means that the the three axis compass tracks your movement in three dimensions. The bluetooth makes linking and logging your dives with your mobile or laptop devices as painless as possible. If you're the type who hates getting your paper logs all sticky from spilling your post-dive beers all over them, bluetooth dive logging with your smartphone is clearly the way to go. Come to the shop and see for yourself.


Liquidvision LYNX

I know I just talked up the other color screen computer we've got in the shop, but this one deserves a look as well. It's a favorite among our instructors because the LYNX allows you to monitor your buddy's air supply remotely, no more stopping and flapping your fingers about. It can also be outfitted with a Divemaster kit that makes it possible to monitor nine other tanks throughout a dive. It's also compass equipped and, with properly outfitted dive boats, can communicate back with the captain or divemaster. The LYNX is the dive professional's choice when it comes to underwater processing power.


Calling All Divemasters


We've been working on adding a new boat to our boat roster, and that boat is going to need divemasters to keep our divers safe and happy Saturday nights and Sundays. This is a great opportunity for some of our more experienced divers to get some professional experience on a shiny newly rebuilt boat with all of your old dive buddies. We're not quite ready to divulge details about the boat, but the pictures are rad. It's one slick looking ride.
Send DM resumes to 



You Know We Do... Scuba Shindig November 4th at 7pm


Have you heard? Our charming hosts the intrepid Jing and Steven are now engaged! Now you have to come in and congratulate them while you're feasting on free tamales and buying lots of raffle tickets so you got a chance at winning boat tickets and dive gear. We (your favorite dive buddies) will be hitting the bars after, so wear your drinking shoes.

Anyone who has hiked up and down the stairs at Veteran's Park only to battle seven foot waves can tell you that scuba is hard work. Our first speaker, Gretchen M. Aston, is the founder and developer of the ScubaFit program that's specifically designed to get divers into top form in and out of the water. Gretchen has a long list of dive credentials and is a supremely accomplished athlete. She is the second female to be inducted into the AAU Powerlifting Hall of Fame, and will put your lifts to shame. Fit-geeks can't miss this one.

Claudette of Reef Check Catalina will be in to tell us about the survey program that Reef Check runs here in Southern California. Reef Check is a volunteer based organization that surveys our marine environment and makes the data publicly available online. As you may know, our kelp forests are under constant threat from rising sea temperatures and exploding urchin populations. Organizations like Reef Check keep a keen eye on the health of our oceans. Reef Check is always looking for volunteer divers to add to their ranks, so those who are interested in helping preserve our aquatic environment have one more way to contribute. by Jarret Leong 

Blow Bubbles for Free: No Charge Fills for LA Area Divers when you join the West LA Dive Club AND Eco Dive Center "Fan Pages" on Facebook.

Ever been bummed about that new exotic tropical dive trip you heard about turned out to be sold out already? The new West LA Dive Club is your best bet when it comes to the scoop on new deals and exciting trips coming from The West LA dive community. We're even offering a special deal for our members. Air fills can really add up when you're getting your beach dive on, especially when big box retailers are charging 10 dollars a pop. If you like our Facebook page and join the West LA Dive Club (also on Facebook, and also free!) you will be added to our list of divers who can come in for a free fill whenever you need one. There's really no excuse not to take advantage of this. Seriously. Free fills for just joining both FAN pages?  


Updates from Project AWARE

Project AWARE is PADI's scuba conservation society, for those who haven't heard. The Convention of Migratory Species will be going down in Quito, Ecuador, next month, and Project AWARE needs all of you to show your support. Send a letter to the convention leaders or make a donation to Project AWARE, or even become a volunteer yourself.

Project AWARE's Manhattan Marathon team will be running to raise funds for shark protection! You can contribute with runner tributes at These fundraising activities make a real difference, with the last Funathon event in Bali raising over $14,000 dollars for shark conservation efforts.

The Dive Against Debris program has been especially effective this month, bringing in over 25,000 pounds of trash worldwide. Anyone can help with picking up trash in the ocean, but if you want to help contribute to data collection, more information can be found here.

Advance Your Scuba Skills! lk
Have you completed your Open Water Diver Certification and find yourself longing to go back to where the fishes are? Kick your scuba skills up to the next level and let your aqua-journey continue with an Advanced Open Water Certification course.



An Advanced certification will:

  • Give you greater confidence underwater (the #1 benefit students cite)
  • Expand your skill set through different and fun dives
  • Allow you to dive in locations that require Advanced certification, opening up a world of advanced, and often more interesting dives
  • Teach you how to plan and deal with the physiological effects and challenges of deep diving
  • Refine your compass and navigation skills
  • Allow you to try out different specialties, such as photography, buoyancy control, fish identification, wreck, and more

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what past Eco Advanced students have to say:

"The Advanced builds on what you learned and more to continue feeling more comfortable in the water-not to mention opening up new optional dives in the future (night, deep, etc.)." -Willy W.


"My Advanced course was with Zac, and was a great experience. He helped me continue my skills with peak performance buoyancy while working on more advanced skills such as deep diving and night diving (which I was soo terrified of!).  I highly recommend the Advanced course because you will feel much more confident with your diving ability." -Kim L.


"To anybody seriously contemplating SCUBA, I'd highly recommend taking at least the first three courses in the program: Open Water, Advanced, and Rescue. By the time you do these three courses, you will have a dozen or so ocean dives under your belt and likely encountered myriad planned and spontaneous circumstances that under the watch of an instructor will prepare you for the eventual problems you'll encounter diving on your own." -Nick D. 

Article by Tim Yeo
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Growing up on a tiny island in Southeast Asia, it is ironic that I was an aquaphobe till my early twenties. Refusing to give in to my irrational fear of the water, I decided the best course of action was to do something extreme. During summer break in 1999, I traveled to a tiny island in Malaysia, and got certified as an Open Water Diver. Since then, it has been an amazing odyssey which has brought me diving all over the world. Now I want to share my love of the underwater realm with students eager to jump into the water and explore. Few things can compare to the satisfaction of seeing a wide eyed student brimming from ear to ear after their first encounter with a playful sealion. I love all types of diving; wreck diving in Florida and in San Diego, Drift diving down the Colorado and in Cancun, muck diving in Redondo Beach and Lembeh Straits, wall diving in Roatan and in Sipadan, and of course reef diving in Catalina and in the Great Barrier Reef. But one of my favorite types of diving is swimming thru the kelp forests off our California coast. It is like a magical hike through an enchanted Redwood forest with the sun beams shining through between the trees…only underwater!

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