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2015 Dive Resolutions


Why have regular New Year’s resolutions when you can have dive resolutions?  Here are three dive resolution recommendations and how to fulfill them in 2015:


1.      Practice Responsible Dive Practices

Don’t be “that guy” kicking the coral on your next tropical trip because you haven’t figured out the ups and downs of buoyancy (pun intended).  Take the Advanced Open Water class and a Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty class so you can propel yourself through the waters like a pro!


2.      Update Your Old Gear

Don’t you want nice, new shiny gear?  The beginning of the year is a great time to pack away your old stuff and upgrade to the most up-to-date dive gear.  No one watches black and white TVs anymore.  It's time to replace your old monochrome dive computer with one that has a color screen. Color-screen computers are the new fad, so it's time to upgrade to the Cobalt or Liquivision computer.


3.      Dive Travel More


As a scuba diver, the best gift you can give yourself in the New Year is a warm water dive trip.  Make it a point to hit one new dive destination in 2015, and treat yourself to a tropical trip.  Eco runs group trips a few times a year, which is a great way to explore new underwater realms while getting to know your cool fellow Eco divers! 

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Posting: 12-30-2014
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