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You've heard many times during your certification that owning your own gear is better than diving with rental gear. Is there any truth to that? Why should you invest your hard earned money in a full set of scuba gear instead of just renting?

Do the math: Every time you rent gear, you're spending between $45 to $75 a day. If you purchase a decent set of gear for $1,200, that works out to 20 dive days. If you dive one day a month in winter and twice in summer, you break even in about a year.  And that's not even taking into account your annual scuba vacation or the fact that the gear you purchase is of a superior quality than rental gear.

Dive more: When you own your own gear, you will dive more. Why? Because it is easier and cheaper. You no longer have to drive to a dive shop, fill out a waiver and rent gear. You just need to drop by and get a quick air fill and you're on your way to the dive site.


Dive longer: It's not a myth. When you dive with your own gear, you are more comfortable underwater and that translates to better air consumption and longer dives. Every single diver strives for better air consumption and getting your own gear is the first step.

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Posting: 11-26-2014
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Location: Anacapalacie marshal

The water has cooled off from a few weeks ago and is now back to normal (for this time of year) levels at 66-68 degrees. Visibility ranged from 60 feet early in the day to 30 feet in the afternoon. A few playful sea lions greeted us when we dropped in for our first dive. The sea life on Anacapa is always spectacular, with outrageously sized Sheepshead and Garibaldi in every direction. 

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Posting: 11-13-2014
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Wreck Weekend

More Than Just Penetration


After Thursday Night’s classroom prep at Eco Dive Center we were all reeled up and ready to dive “Wreck Alley”. It’s an area just off the coast of Mission Beach where sunken ships and other structures have turned into a reef where hundreds of sea creatures are thriving. Once Saturday afternoon finally arrived a group of 19 divers, including ten students and two Eco instructors, boarded the Marissa dive boat with deep sea penetration in mind.  The first stop was the Yukon; a 366’ Canadian destroyer sunk in the summer of 2000.  After a quick history lesson and overview by the crew we were ready to get wet. 

Two dives on the Yukon were still not enough to explore the entirety of the ship.  At depths between 65’-100’ and a large amount of deck space to cover, every dive is a different experience.  Covered in metridiums, the Yukon is an exciting and eerie dive all in one.

The second and fourth dives were done at the Ruby E; a 165’ former Coast Guard Cutter.  Sunk back in 1989 the Ruby E. is now covered in strawberry anemones, nudibranchs and home to large schools of blacksmith and bass. After 3 great dives between the Yukon and the Ruby E. we were finally ready to penetrate!  On our fourth dive we penetrated the Ruby E.’s wheel house. The big openings gave us easy access for our first time. We penetrated in buddy teams and boy was it exciting.

As if four dives with a great group of people wasn’t enough we managed to fit in a little extra fun by going out in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter Saturday night and snorkeling with leopard sharks in La Jolla Shores on Sunday afternoon.  Topside bonding over dinner and drinks really added to the whole experience of the weekend. And snorkeling with dozens of leopard sharks was the cherry on top of the whole Wreck Weekend.                 

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Posting: 08-28-2014
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Having grown up around the ocean, saltwater is in my blood. Whether it was catching a wave, snorkeling, skin diving, or just hanging out at the beach, the ocean is always where I wanted to be. I first discovered Scuba while traveling in Thailand in 1996 and fell in love.


But eventually, ”grown-up life” caught up with me and I found myself in an office in front of a computer screen, and then playing stay-home dad for my 2 kids. Getting to the beach got harder and harder.


I finally found my way back to the ocean and into diving in March 2013 and haven’t looked back. You could say I dove in head-first: after open water certification I couldn’t wait to take the next class.


When the time came to think about going back to work, I didn’t want to go back to the office so I decided to get outside and do something I truly enjoy. Naturally I chose to teach scuba and am now working towards my instructor certification. I have had a great experience learning to dive with Eco Dive Center and I hope to pass that experience on to yJeff Hoogs scuba manou.

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Posting: 08-21-2014
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Plenty of people had their fun making Jaws jokes about the Manhattan Beach shark incident earlier this summer, but not many Angelenos looked into what actually happened. This wasn’t an unprovoked incident where a Great White had a major hankering for some human snacks he just had to satisfy so he just came up chomping on swimmers. The animal had actually been hooked by a couple of fishermen on the pier and was struggling to escape. In the confusion, the shark was snapping at whatever came by, which unfortunately included a group of open water swimmers. The victim, a 50 year old real estate agent, escaped with a bite wound to his ribcage but is otherwise a-ok.

Non-divers are understandably afraid of the ocean and the toothy fish that live in it. Many of us have first-hand experience face to face with sharks, and we in particular can act as advocates and educators about the realities of what goes on in the sea. Sharks rarely attack humans unprovoked, and this was no different. Sharks and other ocean predators may not get fair coverage in the news but we can make a difference by sharing our own experiences and helping people understand these animals and the struggles they face.


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Posting: 07-31-2014
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