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1st dive spot on central/north side of island was a terrible pick for open water class. 3-4 ft swell, that sloshed us all over the place underwater and a 2ft wind chop on the surface that made discussion very difficult without swallowing copious amounts of water. Not good spots for skills (ie sand) under 30ft deep. This spot pushed andrea to the limit and was not the type of dive that I would want to take my students on for their 1st ocean dive. We did see some fantastic sheephead (7-10lbers) and some lobster traps with some monsters in them. Spoke with Ted (captain) after dive and he took us around to the south side of the island where thing were calmer. 2nd spot was fairly deep (anchored in 30+ft of water), Andrea was unable to equalize after 2 attempts past 15 ft so we were forced to abort the dive. We did spend some time at 10ft holding onto the anchor line while enjoying the kelp nearby. 3rd dive was deep (40ft), Andrea and I jumped in to practice some skin diving techniques but did not attempt scuba due to equalization issues on dive 2. Crew was very helpful with Andrea. She was unable to climb up ladder with gear, so they removed her gear on swim ladder and then handed it up after she was clear.

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Posting: 12-26-2014
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