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Anyone who has hiked up and down the stairs at Veteran’s Park only to battle seven foot waves can tell you that scuba is hard work. Our first speaker, Gretchen M. Aston, is the founder and developer of the ScubaFit program that’s specifically designed to get divers into top form in and out of the water. Gretchen has a long list of dive credentials and is a supremely accomplished athlete. She is the second female to be inducted into the AAU Powerlifting Hall of Fame, and will put your lifts to shame. Fit-geeks can’t miss this one.

Claudette of Reef Check Catalina will be in to tell us about the survey program that Reef Check runs here in Southern California. Reef Check is a volunteer based organization that surveys our marine environment and makes the data publicly available online. As you may know, our kelp forests are under constant threat from rising sea temperatures and exploding urchin populations. Organizations like Reef Check keep a keen eye on the health of our oceans. Reef Check is always looking for volunteer divers to add to their ranks, so those who are interested in helping preserve our aquatic environment have one more way to contribute.

Speaker #1 ScubaFit: Gretchen M. Ashton, CFT, SFT, SFN, NBFE , is registered with the National Board of Fitness Examiners, is an International Sports Sciences Association Elite Trainer; personal trainer, specialist in fitness therapy, specialist in fitness nutrition, and a world champion athlete. Gretchen is founder of ScubaFit LLC, developed the Comprehensive FitDiver ® program, is an advanced scuba diver, nitrox diver, and co-author of the ScubaFit ®  Diver Course. She is an Expert Speaker for Los Angeles County Scuba Advanced Diver Program and Underwater Instructor Certification Course. Gretchen is Fitness Editor and/or contributor for California Diver Magazine, World's Best Dives, DiverWire, X-Ray Mag, and Scuba Sport Magazine, has been published in Alert Diver United States and Asia-Pacific, at, is an author at ScubaBoard, and a Scuba Fitness Examiner at Gretchen has appeared on Scuba Radio, Dive Zone Radio, presented at Scuba Shows, has been a guest at dive medicine conferences, was featured in the President’s Council of Physical Fitness and Sports newsletter for inspiring and innovative accomplishments in fitness, and in the Margaritaville Key West website culinary column. As an athlete she set 21 World and Americans records and is the second woman inducted into the AAU Power Lifting Hall of Fame.

Speaker #2 Claudette of ReefCheck -  Reef Check California aims to build a network of informed and involved citizens who support the sustainable use and conservation of our nearshore marine resources. To accomplish this, volunteers are trained to carry out surveys of nearshore reefs providing data on the status of key indicator species. All of Reef Check California's data is publicly available through our Nearshore Ecosystem Database (NED), where you can explore the data graphically to learn about the status of your local dive spots.  The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CA DFW) also uses this data for assessment of California's coastal network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).  Come learn more about getting involved in the program and meet one of our citizen scientists

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