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IT’S HOT OUT THERE PEOPLE! Some people complain about our cold waters but when the temps hit triple digits everyone is running for the water in the thinnest wetsuit they can find.  No gloves, no hood no problem.  I hit up Vet’s Park in Redondo for an afternoon dive.  Who says you always have to go at the crack of dawn?  Crazies. We walked by all the people baking on the beach – they don’t know what their missing. The water was a little choppy on the surface but as soon as we got down it was nice, calm, and clear. I was in my 5mm and I was still hot.  The water temp was 73 degrees until we hit 45 feet or so and then it dropped to the high 60s – thermoclines are so refreshing sometimes.  [Tip: Thermoclines can be used to aid in natural navigation.  Also, for you wildlife lovers out there, pay attention to the fish that are on either side of the thermocline. Watch their behavior.  Do some fish avoid it?]
We went down the slope to 60 feet and then took our time getting back.  On the way back we saw a couple shovelnose guitarfish and a ton of sarcastic fringeheads (one of my personal favs.) Vets park is a sandy bottom dive site.  You have to really look to find some of the coolest creatures because they are so good at camouflaging themselves.  Go slow and be aware.  You can see tons of fish if you are just patient enough to look.  There are octos and a wide array of flat fish including thornback rays and big halibut.  Use the lines in the sand and the slope to navigate and you will not even need to look at your compass.  Make sure you do a night dive there as well – it is a whole different experience.  Most of us go on Wednesday nights. 

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Posting: 09-20-2014
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