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Some dives are just so good that you can't help but think, "holy guacamole, this is why I dive." I just got back from a two day trip to San Clemente and Catalina Islands, and god damn was it beautiful. One site off of San Clemente, Seven Fathom Reef, featured bright purple coral, giant tresses of kelp, and immense schools of fish shimmering in the sunlight. It was a nearly psychedelic experience, a sensation only being sixty feet underwater can produce. Summer may be ending but conditions are still gorgeous, so be sure to sign up for some of these upcoming trips!

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Posting: 09-02-2014
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What's better than having a sea lion visit you during a dive? Lots of sea lions, of course! Santa Barbara Island's rookery is a pinniped lover's paradise, a nursery for many female California Sea Lions and their pups. For those who haven't dived with sea lions, they are very playful and aren't shy about approaching divers. I've felt them buzz by overhead and zoom around to take a quick peek at you before ducking through a frond of kelp, only to reappear when you least expect it. Sea lions are very rarely aggressive towards humans, and make for great photo opportunities.

The dive sites on Santa Barbara islands are worth visiting in themselves, home to vast marine biodiversity and purple hydrocoral. The sandy bottomed Arch Point is the ideal spot to get some video of sea lions playing in the kelp. This dive leaves from San Pedro with the Pacific Star, making it an easy drive for those living in the Los Angeles area.


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There is a lot of information coming at you via e-mail, and we know it's tough to keep your calendar straight in our busy lives. If it ever gets confusing when that Scuba Shindig BBQ might be or where the dive clean up is, all the information can be found easily on our Events Page.

Anyone who has attended our events can tell you that it's not only a good way to meet other scuba fans (or maybe run into that cute dive photographer you dove with last weekend) but it's a fantastic way to expand your scuba knowledge, give back to the ocean community, and even win prizes and free boat tickets. It's always worth your while, so make sure to stop by the events page and see what you can make it out to.


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Posting: 09-02-2014
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The weekend was fabulous. Tim is an excellent instructor and leader (Tim I know ur reading this too so don't inflate ur ego too Much now :) )

We did classroom Thursday night. Everyone showed up and was on time.  The day of departure, Saturday, our roster got a little smaller than we realized. A few ppl dropped last minute but it was okay Bc the boat was still full.

First day we dive Yukon then ruby. All the students were very attentive and did so well. Everyone surfaced with ample air. Everyone listened to the briefings. Boat ride out to wreck alley was smooth- I think I'm the only one who was seasick.  The boat provided everyone with lunch and the staff was very helpful. Vis wasn't amazing I think that's standard for wreck alley.  I actually thought the limited vis added to the essence of the wreck diving. Made it a little spooky :)

Sat night we all had dinner together at a bar in gas lamp. We all shared a few beers, and most went home at a reasonable hour. Weird :)

Sunday was beautiful in sd as well. First Yukon then ruby again. The dives were very cold, current/surge wasn't all that bad, you definitely had to pay attention but it wasn't an issue.  The group loved the nudibranchs, the "cannons", they loved it all.  Penetration dive was smooth as well. Tim and I broke the groups up as not to exceed ratio.  

The group was very pleased. Everyone loved it. It was a good little Bonaire reunion as well. 

Sunday we stopped in la jolla for sushi and leopard sharks. The gang LOVED the sharks. Another great suggestion Tim

Honestly, Tim is such a great leader. The trip wouldn't have been possible without him. He holds an abundance of respect and knowledge. Made for a very enjoyable weekend. 

All over, a 10 of 10. Safety, fun, participants, weather, conditions, all were on point. 


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Posting: 08-29-2014
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Wreck Weekend

More Than Just Penetration


After Thursday Night’s classroom prep at Eco Dive Center we were all reeled up and ready to dive “Wreck Alley”. It’s an area just off the coast of Mission Beach where sunken ships and other structures have turned into a reef where hundreds of sea creatures are thriving. Once Saturday afternoon finally arrived a group of 19 divers, including ten students and two Eco instructors, boarded the Marissa dive boat with deep sea penetration in mind.  The first stop was the Yukon; a 366’ Canadian destroyer sunk in the summer of 2000.  After a quick history lesson and overview by the crew we were ready to get wet. 

Two dives on the Yukon were still not enough to explore the entirety of the ship.  At depths between 65’-100’ and a large amount of deck space to cover, every dive is a different experience.  Covered in metridiums, the Yukon is an exciting and eerie dive all in one.

The second and fourth dives were done at the Ruby E; a 165’ former Coast Guard Cutter.  Sunk back in 1989 the Ruby E. is now covered in strawberry anemones, nudibranchs and home to large schools of blacksmith and bass. After 3 great dives between the Yukon and the Ruby E. we were finally ready to penetrate!  On our fourth dive we penetrated the Ruby E.’s wheel house. The big openings gave us easy access for our first time. We penetrated in buddy teams and boy was it exciting.

As if four dives with a great group of people wasn’t enough we managed to fit in a little extra fun by going out in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter Saturday night and snorkeling with leopard sharks in La Jolla Shores on Sunday afternoon.  Topside bonding over dinner and drinks really added to the whole experience of the weekend. And snorkeling with dozens of leopard sharks was the cherry on top of the whole Wreck Weekend.                 

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Posting: 08-28-2014
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